Toksen - Chi NeiTsang III, Lausanne, Switzerland @ Lausanne, Switzerland, Lausanne [du 23 au 24 octobre]

Toksen - Chi NeiTsang III, Lausanne, Switzerland

23 - 24
09:30 - 17:30

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Lausanne, Switzerland
Toksen — Chi NeiTsang III, Lausanne, Switzerland
October 23 — 24, 2018

Tok Sen Healing Harmony Massage, or Chi Nei Tsang III, is the technique to clear blocked energy. In this workshop, you will learn about Tok Sen and how this gentle treatment with traditional wooden tools can improve body health and tackle problems which other body work cannot. Originally, this type of massage was called Sen Sip in the Thai system of massage, which was used for numerous functions, including healing and maintenance of a healthy body. The unique and special feature of this treatment is the emphasis on the ten major energy channels. These “wind” channels are related to those found in Chinese medicine. There is also a relationship to traditional acupressure.

Organizer: Rentao Ravasio
Email: [email protected]
mobile: 076 332 39 39
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