Swiss Cheese & Mountain Madness 600k Cycling Brevet @ Lausanne, Switzerland, Lausanne [du 12 au 15 juillet]

Swiss Cheese & Mountain Madness 600k Cycling Brevet

12 - 15
19:00 - 02:00

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Lausanne, Switzerland
Like riding bikes over long distances? At night? With little sleep? Over high and steep mountains? REPEATEDLY over high and steep mountains? While carrying your own stuff? Over what some consider the nicest roads in Switzerland? Do you prefer stopping for a nice photo rather than going for Strava KOMs? Don't mind taking a break for some home-cooked food along the way and getting to know other weirdos that do the same ride as you? If you're answering YES to all of the above, well then PERFECT, this might be one for you.
Our idea is simple: We are providing you with a super challenging route that starts in Lausanne, rides straight into the alps and over some of the most iconic Swiss alpine climbs, then into the… Jura mountains and back to Lausanne where there will be beers and food waiting for you. Along the way you will have to visit some check-points to get your brevet card stamped to prove you've followed the route. While we are still figuring out the details, the parcours is probably going to be: About 610 km total distance (or somewhere in that region), 6 passes (Nufenen, Gottardo, Susten, Molendruz, Marchairuz) for a total of 10'000m of climbing. There will be a dozen check-points, 2 of them where you can get some food, and 1 where you can sleep.
The start is going to be on Thursday evening of the 12th of July 2018, and the party/dinner/beers are going to be on Saturday evening, giving you just under 3 days to complete the whole route.
Since this is the first time we're doing this, places are very limited to 25 people. So write an email to get a spot (or if you have any questions): [email protected]
More details in due time!
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