Self-Sabotage: Free Talk in Lausanne @ La Serre, Lausanne [21 septembre]

Self-Sabotage: Free Talk in Lausanne

19:00 - 20:30

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La Serre
Chemin de Bérée 4a, 1010 Lausanne, Switzerland
We know what we want to do — the change we want to make — yet we keep getting in our own way.

Maybe you know the scenario:

You start out motivated to make the change you want to make, the habit you want to change.

You tell yourself that THIS TIME things will be different. This time, it will work.

This might be a new way of eating or exercising, a new business project or the way you react in a relationship.

So you bring in more willpower. You bring in discipline. Perhaps some deprivation. You feel strong. You feel optimistic that THIS TIME things will be different.

Fast forward a few weeks later. You've given up. Again. It seems impossible to make this change. And you feel angry and disappointed with yourself because it feels like you've gotten in your own way.

What's going on?

What if what's going on actually made perfect sense?

What if there is always a good reason for everything we do, including not being able to stick to our goals and seemingly getting in our own way?

Because self-sabotage has at its core an inner conflict. A conflict between different parts of ourselves.

And when we understand this conflict and what's really going on, we can stop beating ourselves up about it, and discover a more effective way of making change.

A way that does not involve discipline and deprivation.

A way that involves working more effectively with the different parts of ourselves while tapping into a wiser part that can help us make sustainable change.

Join me in this free talk in Lausanne as I explain this dynamic — what's really going on — and how to make more effective change.

Where: La Serre — Ch. de Bérée 4a, 1010 Lausanne (10 minutes with the M2 metro from the train station — Fourmi stop)

This talk is free but sign-up is necessary:
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